Our Issues

  • Increasing the rate of Black Homeownership in the U.S. which is at a historic low. Homeownership is the #1 way to reduce the racial wealth gap in the country. Creating Two Million New Black Homeowners

  • Accessible, affordable and sustainable mortgage lending to African-Americans.  Eliminating of predatory, and discriminatory lending practices and mortgage pricing based on race, gender and zip codes.

  • Increasing business and employment opportunities for Black brokers, agents, developers, property managers and other professionals in the real estate, banking and the mortgage industry.

  • Increasing public and private procurement opportunities for black business owners especially those in the areas of real estate.

  • Promoting and advocating for policies and laws that advance Fair and Democracy in Housing.

  • Protecting the voting rights of African American real estate professionals, Realtists ® and the communities they serve.